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Reasons Why You Should Choose Laravel for eCommerce Development

  • Dipesh
  • 1 year ago

Building an eCommerce website is not an easy task. Also, choosing the best one from various options available is not easy. So, choosing Laravel for eCommerce Website Development would be a great benefit for your online business. With the increasing rate of online business, demands and trends for eCommerce websites have rocketed. There are so many things that need to be considered while developing an eCommerce website such as security, maintenance, scalability, and many more. So, if you choose Laravel for eCommerce Website Development, you don’t need to worry about these things.


First thing first, let’s know what exactly is the Laravel framework.


What is a Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework that follows the MVC architectural pattern and provides an amazing developer experience. Laravel comes with complete features necessary to build secure, fast, and user-friendly eCommerce websites such as in-built packages, secure architecture, scalable, SEO-friendly CMS, high performance, cost-effective, and many more.


Now that you know what the Laravel framework is, let’s know the reasons why you should choose Laravel for eCommerce website development so that you get convinced that Laravel is the best choice for eCommerce Website Development.

Why You Should Choose Laravel for eCommerce Website Development?

Here’re some of the beautiful and effective reasons why you should choose Laravel for eCommerce website development or let’s just say the benefits of Laravel based websites:


Built-in packages and pre-installed OOP libraries

One of the main reasons why you should choose the Laravel framework for developing an eCommerce website. 


Laravel framework provides you with some built-in packages that are very useful to develop a scalable eCommerce website. The built-in packages are free of cost yet very effective and helpful for your website management. 


Also, they offer top-notch security to your websites. So, no worries about information leakage. Not just the security, these built-in packages include the scalability, self-determination, and support for omnichannel.


Along with access to the features provided by these packages, you can customize your website as per your requirements with the help of the 20+ pre-installed OOP libraries. These libraries are based on object-oriented programming concepts that add on the cool features for developing an ideal eCommerce website.


Some of the popular packages included in Laravel for eCommerce Website Development  are as follows:




Bagisto is a free and open-source eCommerce package that is built using the Laravel framework and vue.js. It provides the features for easy product management that help the online business owners to update products and inventories as per requirement. As it is convenient and flexible, even a non-technical person can get benefitted.


It is always free under the MIT License Bagisto with a wide range of extensions and plugins.




Aimeos is the most popular Laravel eCommerce packages because it not only provides the basic features for developing a business website but also various additional features such as SEO-ready tools, multilingual support, and customizable themes.


Mage 2


The interesting feature that you’ll get benefit from Mage 2 is that it lets you choose and use the features according to your preference. Also, it provides a set of modules for integrating various functionalities into an eCommerce store. And instead of just a single installation, you can download different snippets of code for different functionalities.


Progressive framework

Laravel framework is called a progressive framework because it grows with you.  

After the development of the website, comes the great responsibility of smooth running and maintenance of the website. This involves user satisfaction because an eCommerce website is a part of an online business. 

The success of your website is possible when there is a balance and effective communication with your business customers. Not only this, social media presence and brand coverage of your website is equally important.

For this, a user-friendly platform is a must that can be built with the Laravel framework. Also, the Laravel framework provides an effective communication medium. So, if you’re ready to run your own online business, hurry and develop your eCommerce website in Laravel.


Scalable framework

Laravel is also called a Scalable framework as it supports a huge range of advanced features for developing an A-one eCommerce website.

eCommerce websites generally need the update of the inventories, regularly add up the products. For this, Laravel focuses on advanced scalable solutions based on a growing customer. Also, you can easily customize according to your desired requirements.

With the help of its pre-installed libraries, it can build a  wide range of advanced features such as password reset and encryption. Also, you can personalize the functioning of your eCommerce website in the most proficient manner.


Enhanced Secure Architecture

Security is a must for every website. And maintaining the security of an eCommerce website has been a challenge.  Various factors are determining the security of a website such as improper storage of customer data, payment gateways, various attacks on infrastructure that can result in the leakage of crucial information. 

Laravel framework is an enhanced security architecture that provides specialized security tools that protect the website from coding-related threats such as XSS and SQL injections and also enable the developers to create an encrypted password using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. 

Instead of using a shared server, it is notified to install web application firewalls. Also, Laravel uses the concept of authentication and authorization by applying the authentication system during login, registration, and password reset.

This feature of the Laravel framework ensures that your website is more secure and free of anomalies.


Efficient development cycles

Laravel platform includes many efficient development cycles that ensure that your customers get quick services. This is possible due to the following factors:

  • The newest features of OOP
  • MVC architecture with multiple built-in functions, high architecture, better documentation, and a vast library
  • Easily understandable and well-organized documentation
  • Object-relational mapper like Eloquent CRM for object-related mapping
  • Artisan, a command-line tool provides several helpful commands for your use while developing your application
  • Blade, simple yet powerful templating engine included with Laravel 
  • Composer, a library manager that allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you
  • Pre-installed OOP libraries


Easy migration of database

The database is the essence of website development. And the migration of a database is like version control for your database, allowing your team to define and share the application's database schema definition, which is generally a tedious task and requires a lot of time. 

Laravel framework provides a facility for quick migration of the database so that you can quickly expand the structure of the database without recreating any types of changes in the database. Also, you can easily create database tables and insert columns and rows whenever needed with the help of Laravel Schema Builder. So, no more compromise with these features. 



As already said above, Laravel is a free and open-source eCommerce platform with tools and features to develop an exceptional eCommerce website.

So, developing a website on the Laravel platform is cost-effective. Also, it is wrapped up with the built-in packages and 20+ pre-installed OOP libraries which are equally useful for developing a scalable eCommerce website. 

As Laravel does not rely on third-party tools to develop and provide features, it is more self-reliant. So, choosing Laravel for eCommerce Website Development is not a bad idea.



Laravel is a web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. So, with the Laravel framework, you don’t have to work with repetitive code.  Also, Laravel comes with a command-line tool like Artisan that helps you to easily create custom modules with different logic. This saves your time while working with repetitive codes.

Errors and bugs are easy to locate and relatively easy to repair in the Laravel framework which results in time-saving needed for allocating the bugs and debugging them. Similarly, automation of the testing process further reduces the difficulties and time required for discovering inaccuracies contained in more complex models.


Easy banking and third-party integration

Every website needs a third-party integration at some point although you use a self-reliant platform like Laravel.  Third-party integration is needed when it comes to payment systems like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Blockchain Wallet, and various marketing and analytics tools.

So, the Laravel framework provides your eCommerce websites with clean APIs to integrate with these third parties so that whatever third-party system you need can be easily added to your site.


High-performance stores

Performance matters when it comes to online business and eCommerce websites. It depends on the time any website takes to load.  Laravel has great performance optimization. Also, Laravel includes MVC architecture that provides the perfect separation between the logic and the presentation and plays a great role in performance optimization.

Also, Laravel supports cache backends such as Memcached and Redis and provides extra caching configuration options. Hence, it is more efficient and has awesome speed optimization strategies such as memory use reduction and database indexing.


Some of the tools that optimize Laravel-based eCommerce stores are as follows:


A great tool used for optimizing PHP websites and applications’ speed. It comes pre-configured with the Cloudways custom Thunderstack.



A great tool to minimize the cache loading time of the websites and can be easily integrated with Laravel based applications. It is also available at Cloudways as a pre-installed Redis on Thunderstack, and you can easily enable or disable it from the stack with just one click.



Stands for Content Delivery Network provides fast data transmission to and from the relevant servers. The basic purpose of CDN is to make the response time fast for reaching out to a wider audience. On Cloudways, you can use its built-in CloudwaysCDN to get the ultimate data transmission speed for your websites.


Quick and smooth testing

Testing and debugging are important elements in eCommerce website development. While developing an eCommerce website on the Laravel platform, unit testing and debugging are too easy, quick, and very smooth. Also, with the direct database testing feature, testing is time-consuming.

Also, errors are easily allocated and relatively easy to repair, which saves precious time. The Laravel framework allows automation of a testing process that reduces the difficulties and makes the testing process quicker and smoother. 


Easy maintenance

The MVC architecture wrapped up with the Laravel framework that separates the logic and presentation, the clean code with elegant syntax, and the OOP concept help in the easy maintenance of the eCommerce websites.

Also, new features required can be added easily without further changes in the whole system with the help of the high scalability feature available in the Laravel framework. In addition, the above-mentioned testing process contributes to the maintenance of the eCommerce website with ease.


SEO friendly CMS

SEO is also the essence of any eCommerce website. SEO generally implies the rank of the website on the search engine and to discover this, you need to develop a website that is SEO friendly.  Your website is declared SEO friendly when search engines like Google crawl each page or post on your website, collect content, and then index them in their database depending on which your website is ranked.

Hence, the Laravel framework helps you generate SEO-friendly URLs so that when your website gets indexed, the search engine can help in bringing traffic to your websites through the relevant users.


Great traffic handling capacity

Laravel framework is popular for its great traffic handling capacity. As your website gets indexed in the search engine, the amount of traffic on your website will increase accordingly. For this, a Laravel framework comes with the feature that can handle website requests much faster based on the message queue system. 

The message queue system allows you to postpone such website activities such as sending emails, until a later date or simply meaning schedule the website activities. This results in a safe website server and eventually lowers your long-term hosting costs. Also, your website works quickly and smoothly as the Laravel framework controls and schedules time-consuming tasks.


Final Thought

Now it is your turn to analyze and properly understand the requirement of your website considering these reasons why you should choose Laravel for developing your eCommerce website. After that, you analyzed and decided to choose Laravel for eCommerce Website Development, contact the best Laravel development company. Develop an exceptional eCommerce website, and raise your online business to the hype.

Outofbox Design is the leading web design company in Nepal. Let us know if you need any help with Laravel ecommerce web development.

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