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Web Design and Development in Nepal

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  • 1 year ago

What is one thing that every individual plans on accomplishing?

A home of your own- a safe space where you are truly yourselves and at comfort and ease and stands out from the crowd, right? People spend a large buck just to get that dream house that represents them.

web design


Think of your website as a home in a digital space that sets you apart from the rest of others and tells your own unique story. 

Oh come on, it’s just an exaggeration!! Isn’t a website just a mandatory process to get your business into the web world? It can’t be that vital.

Well, not really. Creating a good website is an important part of your business because people do judge your company by your website. If your website is unappealing they are surely not staying on your website for long which means you are losing your customer for sure. Web design plays a vital role in creating a good website. So, let’s see what web design actually is. The term web development refers to the building, creating, and maintaining of  websites or web applications. Web development includes web design, web publishing, web programming, database management etc. The word web development is made up of two words web and development. Web refers to the page published over the internet and development is the process of creating the application from scratch.

Two major portions in web development are frontend development and backend development. Frontend refers to the UI and Web functionality . It is also referred to as client side rendering whereas backend refers to the development of database structure and logic building for the web applications. 

Web design Vs Web development

Most people often get confused about web design and web development. Even some of the people think it’s the same because - both are related to websites, use similar tools and technology with and have similar kinds of skills and knowledge.

But there is a huge difference between web designers and developers. Both of them have very distinct roles and responsibilities for building a website. It’s like putting the soul in the physical body.


Let’s see some differences between a web designer and a web developer: 


  1. Types of web designers and web developers

Web Designers

UI Designers

User Interface (UI) designers build a clean and attractive user interface design. The designs are based on the research gathered by UX designers. The touchpoints of the website are built by UI designers in the website.

UX Designers

User Experience (UX) designers conduct research, write UX copy, test with users that sell the design solution to the business. UX designers know how to craft a website that your audience will enjoy. Different types of prototype testing are also done by UX designers.

Visual Designers

Visual designers are a bit of a hybrid between both UX and UI designers. Visual designers primarily work on different web layouts like icons, infographics, logos, and more.  Visual designers help to give a brand a unique identity.

Web Developers

Front-end Developers

Frontend developers are responsible for developing the parts of the application that users see and interact with. The web designers provide the blueprint for the website or application. They use HTML/CSS, JavaScript(JS), and other frameworks like React, Vue for front-end development.

Frontend development represents the front face of web applications which include user interface design, User experience (UX) , Website feature development etc. Most of the developers use html, css and javascript for developing website frontend. We have various frameworks like  AngularJS, React.js, VueJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Material UI, Tailwind CSS etc which makes it easy for developers to design websites and web applications. Mostly used programming languages for frontend are html, css, and javascript.

HTML: Html stands for Hyper text markup language. Since it is used to make the structure of the website, it acts as a skeleton of the website.

CSS : CSS also known  as cascade style sheet is a language used for designing the html language. The main purpose of CSS is to make the web page presentable.

Javascript : Javascript is a scripting language which is used to create the dynamic behaviour of the website.  

Angular Js : Angular is the javascript framework designed by google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular Framework is popular for building mobile and desktop web applications. 

React Js : React js is also a popular framework of javascript which is mostly used for creating single page application.ReactJs is founded by Facebook. It is fast as compared to other frameworks of javascript.

Bootstrap :

Bootstrap helps web designers to quickly design and customize mobile first sites by allowing them to use pre-built components and powerful javascript plugins. Bootstrap is mobile-first front-end web development. and CSS framework for creating responsive websites or web applications. 

Back-end Developers

A back-end web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining server-side web applications or in simple terms, they provide logic and integration of the work done by front-end developers. The developers do the work of database, API, application integration, and other back-end processes.

Backend development is the back part of a website or web application which includes creating databases and other logical things for web application features. Backend technologies also have a lot of framework to make it easy for developers to deal with logical stuff. Backed is the part of the website which cannot be seen by the user. Basically it works behind the scenes.

Python: Python is a trending interpreted high level programming language for web development and machine learning .You can use python for creating web development, Mobile app development and Machine Learning etc.

Php : PHP is the most popular scripting language for web development , more than 60% of websites or apps on the internet  are created using PHP.  Php language is the first scripting language for creating website dynamic and also it  is fast and flexible in nature.

.Net : Dot Net is a software framework developed by microsoft which runs primarily on microsoft windows. .Net allows developers to develop web apps, Mobile apps, games, IOT, Cloud and Microservices.

Tools used in web design and web development

Tool Used in Web Design

In the process of web design, different tools like photoshop, proof hub, sketch, adobe Dreamweaver, etc are used.

Tools used in Web Development 

In the process of web development, different programming languages, as well as scripting languages, are used such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and more.

Do you need a web designer or a web developer?

You now know the differences between a designer and a developer. Now, let’s see the type of manpower required for your website.

  • Project What do you need
  • Design a web page Web Designer
  • Build a form Web Developer
  • Design a menu Web Designer
  • Click button to another page Web Developer
  • Fix codes in the website Web Developer
  • Create Database Web Developer


Now that you are somewhat aware of the difference between web design and web development in Nepal, you can now confidently take a decision on your project. Web design is a completely different approach for pushing your website visitor a step ahead and taking tangible actions. Web design helps to put your thought process into the website. Hence, Web design is considered the most important factor in the Modern Web development process.

OutofBox design is a leading web design company in Nepal that provides the top notch website design and development from industry experts.

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